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Our custom-tailored software is SunStar's proprietary operating system, meaning that no other public adjusting company will have claims management quite like ours.

SunStar's adjusters routinely work together to keep a pulse on the industry and exchange information with other professionals. Our constant networking results in vital learning opportunities and provides SunStar's clients with cutting edge adjusting techniques. This includes everything from detailed cross-referencing of the most current market prices to new industry trends as well as any corporate policy changes your insurance company may have recently made that could influence how your claim is settled.
Maintaining consistent and accurate flow of communication is a task that SunStar has perfected over the years and made more efficient by tailoring a software program unique to the industry.
Every member of the SunStar team holds invaluable resources and knowledge beneficial to the successful handling of every claim. Therefore, even though one of our experts will be assigned to handle your claim from beginning to end, every one of our clients receives the experience and knowledge of the entire group in a structured and orderly approach without hindering the settlement process. Since the implementation of the new software, all of our adjusters have access to your claim from any location that offers an internet connection - making your personal claim information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Documentation and communication are critical whenadjusting an insurance claim. Without it, proving damages to the insurance company can be difficult. For this reason, we made sure that our software also allows us to retrieve, store and edit each piece of information pertinent to yo
ur claim.




Myth #8: My insurance company says that broken pipes aren't covered so I'll have to pay for all the ensuing damage out of my own pocket.