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The Claim Process

The SunStar Advantage Myths  

An insurance company's responsibility is one of indemnity; or to put the insured back in the condition that they were in prior to the loss.

A tiled roof partially damaged will require that all tiles, new and old, match. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner with an insurance claim, patch-worked roofs or multi-colored walls are unacceptable. If old roof tiles can not be matched to the damaged portion, you should be paid for new tiles on the entire roof. This also applies to paint and texturing as well as personal contents unique to a design group of furnishings.
Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. In the event of a loss, the policy's language will determine the actions to be taken. Unfortunately, what most business and homeowners discover when filing a claim is that policy language has a tendency to be ambiguous and cannot always be taken at face value. It is important to know that state statutes, administrative codes and case laws are changing almost daily and will ultimately determine the coverage written in your policy.
Interpreting the true meaning and what is and is not covered by your policy is the first step in compiling documentation for a loss. When you hire a public insurance adjuster to represent you and your interests with the insurance company, your public adjuster will survey your property, testing for and identifying any hidden damages and utilize recognized vendors to compile accurate and reliable estimates to begin valuing your loss.

Once a thorough estimate has been completed, your public adjuster will arrange a meeting with your insurance company's adjuster to walk through the property, comparing estimates and negotiating the true cost of your repairs. Your SunStar public adjuster will never settle the loss for less than you're entitled to and never without consulting you. After all, we work for you.

An insurance claim involves establishing a specific monetary value for each item lost; this determines the basis for achieving an equitable settlement. The fact is that the claims estimating and valuation process is based upon each adjuster's subjective analysis. Our business is an art more than it is a science and painting the perfect picture takes know-how and professionals like ours with the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.


Myth #7: All public adjusters are the same. I don't need to research the companies before I make a decision.