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The Claim Process

The Sunstar Advantage Myths  

Through our adjusters' many years of experience, SunStar has been able to work with dozens of insurance adjusters and adjusting companies. This makes it highly likely that we have prior working experience with the adjuster assigned to your claim by the insurance company.

Knowing how an individual adjuster works or how an adjusting company processes claims is an invaluable resource in claims handling, and familiarity has taught us what to expect. We know how to encourage the right actions and most importantly, avoid the pitfalls that can slow down the process.

Your SunStar adjuster will...
  • Respond quickly to minimize processing time.
  • Accurately assess all damages.
  • Prepare complete and detailed reports of all the affected property.
  • Determine the best and most financially beneficial method for remediating your loss.
  • Properly document every detail of your claim.
  • Ensure compliance with all terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Calculate the financial aspects of your loss including business interruption and related extra expenses.
  • Make recommendations as to what treatments should be employed in order to remedy the damages.
  • Ensure that all policy provisions


Myth #7: All public adjusters are the same. I don't need to research the companies before I make a decision.