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At SunStar, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle and resolve large, complex commercial claims. Unlike the majority of homeowners policies that are fairly similar in the language they use, allowing them to be resolved in more or less the same manner, commercial policies tend to be more diverse in nature; permitting the policy to be tailored to each company's individual needs.

Every SunStar adjuster has undergone a minimum of 60 hours in training and seminars, learning how to interpret these policies and studying all statutes and laws regulating the policy's coverage and insurance companies responsibilities.

Business Interruption

When a business suffers a loss, the business may have to minimize or stop operations and production. This can result in substantial lost revenues. Companies with business interruption insurance are in the best position to defend their claim. With that said, lost revenue can be very difficult to prove and is one of the most subjective aspects of any business claim. Most adjusters will value your loss based upon historical data only. This is usually a fair indicator of future earnings, however, what if you have only been in business for one year, had a poor previous year, or expanded to a larger location? Historical date would be an inaccurate measure for your claim. In order to accurately project potential income, the history of your company must be thoroughly studied and analyzed. Taking into consideration all of the 'what ifs' and past investments, SunStar will employ the aid of forensic accountants to piece the claim together to your best advantage.